Jamaica… Jamaicaaa!

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I realized the other day that it is almost the end of May.  Whaaat?!  At the beginning of the year some friends and I decided to take a trip to Jamaica. At first I was less than thrilled about the idea because though I was happy with my progress, I still couldn’t imagine being comfortable on the beach. Not to mention the cos of the trip. Fast forward, the payments are made and arrangements booked. I have recommitted myself to my weight loss efforts. The last thing I want to feel is self-conscience and uncomfortable on the white sand beaches of Jamaica. No way, not gonna happen!
Jamaica Beaches

Now the big challenge, fitting into the bathing suit I have had sitting in my dresser for years now. It is a sexy little black number but, will I be able to get into it is the question? I Skped my coach, Shareen for some words of motivation. We did a Structural Tension chart and goal setting exercise, from Dr. A’s Habits of Health (by Dr. Dwayne Scott Anderson) to come up with a plan to jump start my weight loss efforts.  After doing the chart we made small goals that would ultimately help me to reach my short term goal, like setting the bathing suit out as a visual reminder. If I get tempted I remind myself of the bathing suit. To date I have 77 days until I leave for Negril’s annual ATI/RTI Festival.

ATI Weekend, Jamaicas Independence Day

ATI Weekend, Jamaica's Independence Day

I can accomplish a loss of 24lbs. in 12 weeks.  I calculate it to be 2lbs a week. I can do it! I also have a few new people that are inspiring me, one is my friend Kim, she has been on  Shareen’s Power Loser Program now for a week and has lost 5lbs! Also, my friend Aaron has lost 16 lbs in 4 weeks on the program! I’m energized and ready, this has been a good week so far. I can’t wait to weigh-in tomorrow.

It’s not too late to shed some pounds for the summer. Call Shareen Today (510-552-3463) and get started on your weight loss goal!

For more information, click here.

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Sleep Schedules and Weight Loss

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sleep deprivation and weight gainLately I have been stress eating, business has been picking up and I must admit I am not following the “Habits of Health.” We are about one week into daylight savings and it has definitely been an adjustment. We have not experienced the pros of daylight savings as of yet like longer days and more sunlight, all we’ve had is pouring rain, dark skies and less sleep. With the change in time it has been hard to adjust my sleep schedule. I’ve been staying up late and waking up late. It throws off my day. I don’t want to go into a downward spiral. I almost forgot I have an the Sleep Health capsules. I think I will try that tonight. From what I’ve learned in the “Habits of Health”, sleep is a key component to weight loss.

When we are not getting enough sleep our bodies crave energy. Some ways we get a quick energy or boost we reach for something sweet. Sugar is sugar whether it be a candy bar, orange juice, soda or potato chips it gives your body what it craves…energy. When we reach for these high sugar snacks it gives us instant gratification but sabotages our long term goals.

So now do you see why I need to get back on a regular sleep schedule?

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Using My BMI for Motivation

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weight-categoriesIts been raining here for 12 days straight here in California. Its crazy how something like weather can change your mood and motivation. I have been maintaining my weight loss, it has not been that difficult of a challenge. My challenge lies in reclaiming my enthusiasm for the task at hand, which is getting to 135lbs.

I was on the Habits of Health meeting this evening that Shareen hosts from her home, I chimed in through conference call. This week I met Christy via conference call. She is a lovely woman from Washington State and she shared her story. She is over 380lbs and has tried many programs in the past with no success. She has already lost 19lbs in 2 ½ weeks! I know those results aren’t typical and based on her weight but you can’t help but to be inspired.

Tonight’s call focused on BMI (Body Mass Index). BMI is calculated by height and weight. According to my weight, 175lbs and my height 5’3”, my BMI is 31. I am categorized as obese. A healthy BMI is 25 and below. I have set a new goal for the month of April. By the end of April I would like to reach the overweight category. To accomplish that my BMI needs to be 29.9, for my height that is 169lbs. I can do that! To calculate your BMI go to

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Accountability Partners and Make-Overs

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I am actually prepared for tonight’s Habits of Health social. I made time to read this week’s chapters that talk about getting your environment ready and did the lessons in the workbook. I really want to lose the weight and keep it off this time. So far, this program has been the best I have ever tried. I have lost the most weight, 35lbs so far and I am educating myself on the Habits of Health that will help me keep it off.

I’ve been doing Shareen’s Power-Loser program for a few months now and I bought the book at the same time.  I remember being so excited about receiving the food and course materials in the mail that I watched one of the videos that first night. I was intrigued and learned something new.

I learned that keeping a level blood sugar is a huge key to weight loss. The way to keep a level blood sugar is by eating 6, small portioned meals per day in 2-3 hour intervals. I knew that part but I didn’t know why. Spikes in blood sugar give you an up feeling then bring you immediately crashing down, which in turn makes you crave sugar and fatty foods to feel “up” again. Imagine doing this all day long. All that sugar gets stored as fat around your stomach. Wow! I learned that a few months ago and it sticks in the back of my mind. I must admit I haven’t watched that DVD since that day, I just got busy and never made my way back to it.

I meet with Shareen weekly and have started attending her weekly group meeting. It helps that we have an assignment due each week or else I would get caught up in something else and not do it, though I have every good intention. We all have good intentions but it’s the accountability factor. If you are on this weight loss journey, my advice is to not go it alone, it’s already a long road, who wants to walk it alone? Sometimes there is rough terrain and it’s nice when someone can help you maneuver through it. Shareen is a great coach and the group keeps me motivated by seeing their success.

Shareen is a very active coach. She is having a Make-over party this weekend in Niles, CA, where people can meet others who are doing the program and try some of the food.   A special guest, Tina Sanchez, a celebrity fashion stylist will show us how to dress the body we have now. I know I could use a few suggestions!  It’s like when you get a hair cut and decided, “You know, I really liked my hair long,” and your in that in-between stage and don’t know what to do with it. Well that’s where I am.  Some of my clothes are too big and some too small. I want to know if I can tailor some of my current items and dress them up with some inexpensive tops and how I should accessorize for my height and shape.  It’s going to be a fun event so I hope to see you there.

Contact Shareen for more details 510-552-3463. To see more info about the program visit this link. Stop thinking about doing something about your weight and DO something about your weight!

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FFC Power Loser Text Book

FFC Power Loser Text Book

This year I have been doing things differently than I have done in the past.  If I want a different result, I am going to have to step out of the box and learn a new way of doing things.  With all that said, I went to my Health Coach,  Shareen’s local support meeting last night, something I wouldn’t normally do. I figured the meeting would only be an hour, so why not.

When Shareen introduced me to the group there were people who recognized me from the blog.  That was cool to know that people are actually reading and my stories aren’t just floating through cyberspace.  Feel free to comment.  I would love to read your feedback.

I knew I would enjoy it as soon as we were halfway through the introductions.  There were a lot of stories that I could relate to like Leah. She told her success story about recognizing her triggers. She realized in situations that make her angry, she craves chocolate. She had a situation recently where she was stood up by a co-worker during a lunch meeting. She was pissed!  In her fury she had thoughts of chocolate delights that immediately sent her to that place of WooooooooSSSSaaaaaaaahhhhh. You know the comfort food that you always seem to grab for. Is it salty or sweet? Apparently for Leah, its chocolate. Leah channeled the Chocolate Demon into a rock Shareen passed out during the last Habits of Health meeting. Shareen instructed her pupils to rub their rock in “trigger-happy- moments.” Leah was able to recognize her trigger and curb her behavior. Recognizing the trigger, made her able to make a better choice. She was able to talk herself down and go home for  lunch. Its difficult to calm yourself in stressful or anxious moments. I have had to wrestle the chocolate demon myself a time or two.  I made sure to get a magic rock from Shareen before I left!

We also did some situational role playing, which was interesting.  There was a role play that we did that involved looking into a full length mirror at ourselves. Shareen then prompted us with questions to answer in our head. “Look in the mirror, look at your self from each side and what do you see? How do you feel about your body?  “I look fat in these jeans”, “I have let myself go” and  “I see why no one likes me” – just all the negative BS that we say to ourselves. These are things I say to myself on a daily basis.  I related to Judy’s reaction when told, “Judy, please remove your jacket,” during the negative self talk exercise; her reaction was priceless! She was asked twice, then Judy sharply replied,” No, I will be keeping my jacket on, thank you!” Lawd! I was so glad Shareen let it go. Our jacket is our shield and you are asking us to remove it? Umm, there’s men in the room! NOT HAPPENING! LOL!

Then we had to turn around to the person next to us, a complete stranger and say to them what we said to ourself in the mirror.  Instead of starting off the sentence or phrase with “I”, we had to say , “You.”  For example if your negative self talk was “I look fat in these jeans,” the person would say , “You look fat in those jeans.”

First of all, the horror!  Can you imagine telling a complete stranger “You look fat in those jeans?”  I felt embarrassed and mortified, I would never say that to anyone.  Those thoughts are reserved for the confines of my own mind and fulfill my need to wallow in my own self loathing. But I would never subject the world to such verbal abuse.

The point of the exercise was to make you realize if you wouldn’t say something so mean and hurtful to a passerby on the street or someone casually sitting next to you, then why would you say such things to yourself?  And there is your light bulb moment my friends!

Experiencing these types of moments with a collective group, who is on the same mission is what makes this program and my coach different.  The support and educational component is essential to my success. I am learning the “Habits of Health” to lose the weight and keep it off.

Shareen is a great resource not just for results but she makes it fun!  Take advantage of the opportunity to become a success story.  I look forward to meeting you at the next “Habits of Health” social.

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